6–10 December 2017

Moore Building, Miami Design District, Miami


On the occasion of Art Basel Miami Beach, Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch are pleased to present “ABSTRACT / NOT ABSTRACT,” an exhibition of new abstract painting at the Moore Building in the Miami Design District.

Abstraction entered the realm of painting around 1910, and is one of the great innovations of modernism. It continues to inspire artists today. To make a fresh abstract painting following all the remarkable achievements of the School of Paris and the New York School is daunting and challenging, yet the current generation of artists continues to make astonishing and complex work with exciting innovations in the tradition. “ABSTRACT / NOT ABSTRACT” includes work by some of the most groundbreaking contemporary artists who are redefining abstraction for our time.

In the first half of the twentieth century, many artists tried to achieve a pure abstraction. Today, this purity is less relevant, and, perhaps, not even possible. While the formalist abstract image has come to represent our definition of the term, this is far from the only approach. Abstraction and representation are increasingly difficult to separate, and this interchange between the two reflects our contemporary reality. The artists in the exhibition have vivid and varied approaches to abstract painting, utilizing new technology and industrial techniques to create work that is abstract, yet not purely abstract. “ABSTRACT / NOT ABSTRACT” explores the continuing evolution of abstraction in contemporary art.

“ABSTRACT / NOT ABSTRACT” features the work of more than thirty artists, from influential figures such as John Armleder, Jeff Koons, and Albert Oehlen to important emerging artists like Christina Quarles. Latifa Echakhch, Urs Fischer, and Analia Saban are among those who have created new works specifically for this exhibition.

Steven Parrino, Untitled, 1988, enamel on canvas, 72 × 108 inches (182.9 × 274.3 cm)

© Steven Parrino. Photo by Rob McKeever. Courtesy the Parrino Family Estate.


John Armleder, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Tauba Auerbach, Math Bass, Kerstin Brätsch, Dan Colen, Latifa Echakhch, Jeff Elrod, Urs Fischer, Mark Flood, Aaron Garber-Maikovska, Naotaka Hiro, Alex Israel, Wyatt Kahn, Jeff Koons, Elizabeth Neel, Albert Oehlen, Steven Parrino, Seth Price, Richard Prince, Christina Quarles, Daniel Richter, Sterling Ruby, Analia Saban, Borna Sammak, Jan-Ole Schiemann, Josh Smith, Rudolf Stingel, Ryan Sullivan, Torey Thornton, Blair Thurman, Kelley Walker, and Christopher Wool. 


Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch have been colleagues since 1979, working with many of the same artists. “ABSTRACT / NOT ABSTRACT” is their third collaborative exhibition in the Moore Building in the Miami Design District. The influential exhibition “Unrealism” was presented in 2015 and “Desire,” curated by Diana Widmaier Picasso, was presented in 2016.


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