A New Mural by Banksy

The new work just appeared overnight in an industrial Welsh town


Locals in the Welsh town of Port Talbot woke up to an early Christmas present on Wednesday morning: a new painting by Banksy.

After a brief period of suspense and speculation, the mysterious street artist confirmed the work as genuine by posting it on his website in the late afternoon. A separate post on his verified Instagram account featured the new work, with the artist commenting: “season’s greetings.”

“There were people coming here all night” to see the artwork, property owner Ian Lewis told the BBC. “I am very pleased, I think it is a smashing bit of artwork. It is good for the town and I just want to protect it, and it is here for everybody.”

Painted on the wall of a garage, the painting depicts a child playing in falling ash emanating from a dumpster fire, perhaps commenting on environmental issues associated with the town’s industrial heritage.

Banksy, Snow (2018). Photo courtesy of the artist.

Port Talbot, located about 7 miles east of Swansea, is home to the largest steel plant in the UK. Black dust, a by-product from the giant local plant, has been known to covers swathes of the town. In July, during a particularly dry spell that exacerbated the problem, many locals complained of respiratory issues as a layer of soot settled on streets, cars, and even pets.

Henri Neuendorf


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