Marina Abramović ‘The Cleaner’

20 April - 12 August 2018

Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn


Radical, controversial and admired in equal measure, Marina Abramović is one of the most talked about international artists today. She is famous for her ground-breaking performances in which she explores personal experience and responsibility and continues to probe her own physical and psychological limits. She addresses fundamental existential questions – the passage of time, physical vulnerability, memory, pain, loss, endurance and trust – that provoke or touch the viewer with great immediacy. 

Marina Abramovic

The Cleaner

Black and white photograph

© Marina Abramovic

Photo © Marco Anelli 2010

Courtesy of the Marina Abramovic Archives

VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018


The first major retrospective to be shown in Europe, the exhibition presents works from all periods of Abramović’s career – from the early years to the present. Films, photographs, paintings and objects, installations and select archival material shed light on the depth and conceptual reach of the Marina Abramović’s creative cosmos. A series of reperformances enhances the visitor experience.


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