GASTRÄUME 2019 - Public Art In Zurich

8 June - 1 September 2019

Kaffeehaus zur Weltkugel, Basteiplatz (Bärengasse 20), Zurich

Opening on June 7, 2019, 6 pm


The working group “Art in Public Space" of the City of Zurich (AG KiöR) aims to promote an active approach to works of art in public space. For this reason, from June to September KiöR provides different spaces for a temporary display of art. For the seventh time, this year's exhibition in Zurich's inner city and in Zurich West will show art projects and special guests at ten "guest rooms".


Nicolas Vionnet


In collaboration with widmertheodoridis, Eschlikon

Tessinerplatz, Bahnhof Enge, 8002 Zurich


An empty hunter’s stand is placed in the middle of Tessinerplatz, Zurich.

Due to the positioning – close to the sycamore tree – it is only visible at second glance. From the stand one can hear in irregular intervals sounds like whistles, calling, laughter, camera shutter or incoming message tones. The title of the work, Raubzeug, refers to (other) predators in the woods that also kill non-domestic animals.


Nicolas Vionnet


Hunter's stand (fir round wood, roofing felt, acrylic glass, foundation), solar system, audio system (sounds)

480 x 180 x 120 cm (H x W x D)

Courtesy of the artist


Inspired by T.C. Boyles story 'Wild Child' the work illuminates the contrast and the relationship between nature and civilisation. What makes men human and how important is education? Jean Jacques Rousseau suggests that we should leave education of children to nature – not men. Such an ideal natural state, which brings men back to animals has always had a great fascination for modern men weary of civilisation. Movies like 'Into the Wild' by Sean Penn pick up this strong drive for naturalness, truth and lead viewers with strong images into a long lost world of a human-free nature. Surviving in the wild is the supreme discipline among people who opt-out. For indigenous people it’s daily life – not a sport.


Raubzeug challenges our rational way of thinking which operates in pairs of opposites (binary oppositions). For nature thinks much more complex, multi-layered and integrative and involves all senses. The visual and in this particular case the acoustic impulses seem familiar, but the setting is irritating and the sounds call for attention. Predator or Prey? Who is hunting who?


The work Raubzeug was realized with the kind support of

Brunner Holz Ideen GmbH, St.Peterzell

Ingenieurbüro C. Röthenmund, Therwil

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