Photo-Scripts, by João Miguel Barros

21 February - 3 June 2018 

Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbon


PHOTO-SCRIPTS, ed. 2018, comprises fourteen short stories, all independent from each other, and can be read like a book of short stories. They are fourteen exercises based on a certain roaming of our gaze, but also of our writing fictionalised from reality, seeking meaning in moments that could easily go unnoticed.

PHOTO-SCRIPTS, ed. 2018, is an exhibition of loose ends, based on narratives that are more or less consistent, but capable of showing a world of small complexities. It is part of a pre-conceived itinerary, intended to reveal simple stories from almost nothing, at times just a little something, following a logic that contradicts the clichéd idea that only decisive moments are worthy of being retold.

PHOTO-SCRIPTS, ed. 2018, is essentially the start of an ambitious project intended to give visibility to some of the multiple invisibilities and insignificance that constantly rush before our eyes.

João Miguel Barros, Tribute, Photography 118,9x84,1 cm, 2017

João Miguel Barros was born in 1958.

He is a lawyer by profession, in Lisbon and Macau.

He was co-director of the SEMA culture and visual arts magazine (1979-1982). He recently began to exhibit his work, having also published the photography book Between Gaze and Hallucination. He is a freelance curator in the area of contemporary photography. In recent years, he has studied the main contemporary Chinese artists.

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