Le numerose irregolarità. Tatiana Trouvé & Katharina Grosse

2 February - 29 April 2018

Villa Medici, Rome


The French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici is pleased to present "Le numerose irregolarità" ["Numerous Irregularities"], an exhibition by Katharina Grosse and Tatiana Trouvé. This is the fourth exhibition in the UNE [Each] program, initiated in 2017 by Villa Medici director Muriel Mayette-Holtz and curated by Chiara Parisi.

In "Le numerose irregolarità," Katharina Grosse and Tatiana Trouvé reflect on the history of the Villa Medici in a multivalent approach that involves sculpture, painting, and the host architecture. Strikingly different yet complementary, their respective oeuvres reveal a shared desire to disrupt the traditional boundaries between media. Both artists are fascinated by the unstable relationship between inside and outside, and in this all-encompassing project, they investigate the past and present of the Villa Medici, working to transcend space, support and medium in a series of gestures inspired by the history of the institution itself.

Tatiana Trouvé, Untitled from the series Les dessouvenus, 2017, pencil on paper on canvas and bleach, 49 3/16 × 78 11/16 inches (125 × 330 cm) © Tatiana Trouvé. Photo by Florian Kleinefenn.

The ambitious exhibitions initiative UNE seeks to provide a fresh contemporary vision for the revered cultural institution of the Villa Medici. Special emphasis is given to outstanding women artists of different generations, each of whom has invented a new artistic vocabulary. Each exhibition in the series provides a new perspective on historical conditions that attests to the grand diversity of artistic and existential adventure in artists working today. From the rich feminine plurality that constitutes UNE, emerges unified singularities, artistic proposals that are consistently strong, provocative, and deeply engaged with context. UNE is not a theme, as such; nor do the participating artists form consecutive chapters of a single narrative. Rather it is the force of their original and highly individualized visions, and the strength and conviction with which they occupy the charged context of the Villa Medici, that has led to their inclusion in UNE.

For the invited artists, UNE has prompted the desire for cross-cultural and cross-generational collaboration and dialogue. Villa Medici is, after all, renowned as a place where, historically, unlikely encounters have become realities. During preliminary discussions, unprecedented partnerships and surprising combinations have been born: the conceptualist Yoko Ono and the young artist Claire Tabouret; American painter Elizabeth Peyton's dialogue with the works of nineteenth century sculptor Camille Claudel; and Annette Messager's uncanny response to Balthus's permanent yet subtle legacy at the Villa; and now Katharina Grosse and Tatiana Trouvé, friends and contemporaries whose opposites attract.


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