William Forsythe x Ryoji Ikeda

1 - 31 December 2017

La Villette, Grande Halle, Paris.


During the Festival d’automne William Forsythe will participate in the collaborative project William Forsythe x Ryoji Ikeda at La Villette’s Grande Halle with Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2. This immense installation is a field of moving pendulums through which visitors are invited to move at will. In doing so, they generate an infinite range of individual choreographies. 

William Forsythe is a choreographer who, not content with having revolutionized “classical” ballet, has always been an exponent of choreography - which, he says, is not to be confused with dance. Ryoji Ikeda, one of the leading figures in electronic music, approaches music in conjunction with its spatial and visual arts-related dimensions. Between William Forsythe, whose work says much about his passion for music, and Ryoji Ikeda, who made his artistic début as part of the groundbreaking Dumb Type collective, their paths were bound to cross.


Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time N°2 consists of hundreds of pendulum hanging in a space, prompting the visitor to rethink the relationship between his or her body and space. It invites the visitor to be the activating force behind the work, him or her becoming its own choreographer.

As for Ryoji Ikeda, he presents a new, monumental variant of his Test Pattern project, in which he translates and materializes the influx of data (sounds, texts, photographs and films) which submerge our everyday lives. A hypnotic succession of black and white motifs, barcodes generated by the real time conversion of sound waves, unfurl before us at a dizzying rate in synch with the music. Spectators are invited on a journey into the confines of their perception, and with it, a meditation on the limits of their condition.




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