27 May - 23 June 2017

Villa del Principe, Palazzo di Andrea Doria, Genoa


Amixi of Villa Croce – Contemporary Art Museum present a new exhibiting project series: “Davanti al mare – ATTO I”. The artist invited for the first edition is Diego Perrone.

Conceived, produced and directed by the Villa Croce Amixi – Contemporary Art Museum – Genoa, “Davanti al mare – ATTO I” is an experimental and open format project featuring a multiple nature. Thought as an expanded residency, as a research work on the Genoa environment – metaphorical and physical production space – “Davanti al mare” is presented now to the public as a zone where an artist and selected curator will work together to the construction of projects studied to inhabit the subtle boundary line between city and museum, artwork and storytelling, exploration and presentation. “Davanti al mare – ATTO I” aims to give back power to art as tool for investigation of the place and its landscape; it’s drawn on the desire of using the artwork as powerful revealing machine; it’s envisioned as light and flexible palimpsest – a sea stage – to produce – through art – reality. 

In close dialogue with the Amixi advisory board and with the Villa Croce Museum, every year, an Italian artist – in possible cross collaborations with other selected actors – other artists, curators, writers, editors (…) – will be invited to go through the seasons, the Museum spaces and the Genoa architecture to produce one or more site specific interventions of various nature – an artwork, an editorial project, a research, a lecture series (…) – to use the city and the institution, as a real material. Genoa as the theater, the sea as the scenery. 


“Davanti al mare” draws a long-lasting idea of time and crosses many possible exhibiting formats to develop an open narrative, a new idea of show.


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