Omer Fast - August

Photo: Omer Fast, August, 2016 - stereoscopic film in 3D

Opening Saturday, December 3rd

from 4pm to 8pm

Omer Fast


Solo show from December 3rd, 2016 to January 14th, 2017

August, title of the exhibition and also of a new work by Omer Fast intimately engages the viewer. 3D technology creates the illusion of sharing the same space as the lead character, German photographer August Sander (1876-1974) at home at the end of his life, insomniac and nearly blind. He wanders through a night occupied by the loss of his son and those who were his former models. The film is composed of scenes going back and forth between recreations of life in the 1930s with his son at his side, August’s own youth, and a present (in the 1960s) where Sanders is alone and haunted by his past. In silent timeless enclosed rooms, ghosts from the past, at times terrifying at others friendly, emerge, disturbing the photographer’s night. Only a monologue by a Nazi official and model of the photographer breaks the silence, at once laudatory and critical of the work of August Sander… In the work of Omer Fast, here is the recurring skepticism of an artist’s legitimacy.

We are also presenting a piece in France for the first time, entitled Looking Pretty for God (After G.W.), shown in a particular presentation space, the waiting room of a doctor’s office. A place of isolation and itinerancy, where Fast engages the viewer through the construction of his work in which the sensory and spatial experience is omnipresent. Looking Pretty for God (After G.W.) uses the words of funeral home directors to tell about their final preparations for the last public viewings of the deceased. They refer to their responsibilities to the loved ones.


While this exhibition appears at gb agency in Paris, a substantial number of works by Omer Fast, Talking is not always the solution,  will also be shown at the Martin - Gropius Bau in Berlin until March 12, 2017.

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